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Conference Director or Coordinator

The conference director or coordinator is responsible for all aspects of planning for the annual conference. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Chairing a conference planning committee that:
    • Determines the function(s) and objective(s) of the annual conference in the context of the Council’s objective(s);
    • Seeks input from others regarding ideas for program;
    • Develops a proposal for a conference program including a budget;
    • Organizes approximately to accomplish the various jobs (i.e., developing a time line, establishing sub-committees, appointing chairpersons, etc.);
    • Considers a detailed contingency plan; and
    • Forwards conference information to Stacey McConnell, Special Subject Councils at the STF office, 2317 Arlington Avenue, Saskatoon SK S71 2H8, who in turn forwards a copy to the Conference information to the Saskatchewan Bulletin for “Upcoming Events.”
  • Attending executive meetings for the purposes of communication and accountability.
  • Facilitating the establishment and operation of required sub-committees (i.e., program, facilities, public relations, etc.) and supporting the chair people by:
    • Developing and/or clarifying the various roles and responsibilities of the committees and individuals;
    • Providing advice;
    • Coordinating the work.
    • Attending committee meetings as needed to keep informed and share information;
    • Establishing communication links with the editor of the Special Subject Council newsletter or journal; and
    • Establishing with the Council treasurer procedures necessary for handling revenue and expenses.
  • Preparing and presenting a post-conference report and financial report to the Council executive. It should include recommendations for the next conference director.
  • Forwarding all records to the successor.

On assuming the position, the incoming conference director or coordinator should receive from the previous incumbent a package which contains at least:

  • A copy of the Council’s constitution; and
  • One or more of the previous years’ post-conference reports including recommendations.