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Membership and Privacy Chair

Duties of the membership and privacy chair include:

  • Publicizing the benefits of joining the council.
  • For those Councils whose membership information is maintained by the STF:
    • Working with the STF office staff in maintaining an up-to-date membership list.
    • Forwarding a copy of each signed and dated membership application/renewal form in a timely manner.
    • Informing members of renewal dates, etc.

    The Chair also forwards a copy of each signed and dated membership application/renewal form collected at the conference as soon as possible to the STF after the conference is over.

  • For those Councils who maintain their own membership information:
    • Collecting membership fees
    • Keeping a record of such receipts
    • Forwarding a cheque to the treasurer
    • Maintaining an up-to-date membership
    • Providing the STF with a copy of each signed and dated membership/renewal form by June 15 of each year for grant purposes
  • Responsibility for compliance with applicable privacy legislation, including day-to-day oversight.
  • Reporting to executive on all aspects relating to membership and suggesting needed policy changes.
  • Providing reports as may be required (i.e., annual general meeting, the Council’s regular publications, STF, etc.).
  • Working with the convention committee in making necessary arrangements for a membership drive, displays, etc.
  • Forwarding all records to the successor.