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SHEA Constitution

The SHEA Constitution is currently under review by the Executive. Any changes that are made will be discussed at the AGM in the spring of 2012.

The name of the organization shall be the Saskatchewan Health Educators Association.

To enhance the implementation and maintenance of the C.O.R.E. curriculum;
To promote professional development;
To facilitate the sharing of ideas and updating of material;
To disseminate information;
To improve curriculum and instruction;
To provide a coordinated approach to health issues; and,
To work with the Saskatchewan Ministries of Education and Health to promote healthy life styles.

Membership is open to STF members, university students, and anyone with a professional interest in health education.

Membership fees shall be established by resolution at the annual general meeting of the Association.

The business of the Association shall be managed by a board of directors which consists of:
President – (two year term)
Vice-President – (two year term)
Past president
No fewer than 4 and no more than 7 members at large

Annual Meeting 
The annual meeting shall be held each school year at the decision of the executive.

After a two month notice of motion to amend the constitution has been given to -each member, the constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of members present at any regular session of the Annual Meeting of the Association. Quorum will consist of those present at the Annual General Meeting.

Regulations pertaining to the Association shall be made as deemed to be necessary and appropriate and shall be submitted to the Executive of the STF for approval.

Download SHEA’s brochure: Our Privacy Commitment To You [PDF 61 KB]