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Addictions, Helpful/Harmful Substances

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Posted on Jul 21, 2014 in Resources By Concept, Wonder & Question Investigate & Interpret

Overview of Concept

In K-9 Health Education and Wellness 10, students have opportunities to consider how the misuse of helpful and the use of harmful substances affects the health of self and others, analyze the health, economic, and social supports and challenges of addictions, consider the influence of health promotions and advertising, and develop assertiveness skills to manage peer pressure. Learning opportunities inform decision-making and action to prevent/avoid potentially dangerous situations and addictions. At different grade levels, many interdisciplinary connections can be made, for example, to Arts Education (Creative/Productive), Science (Physical Science), and English Language Arts (Comprehend and Respond).


In addition to the Core and Additional Resources recommended by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, the following resources may support teaching and learning related to addictions and helpful/harmful substances

Sask Prevention

This online resource includes current information about tobacco, related topics, and provides learning activities for Saskatchewan teachers to use in classroom settings. This unit was collaboratively developed to introduce the health and social issues related to tobacco for youth.


Got Lungs

This website includes current information regarding tobacco and the effects on the body. Click on KNOW tobacco for resources guides for K-3 as well as grades 6-8.