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Grade 2 – Resources by Grade Level

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Posted on Jul 3, 2014 in Grade Level

Grade 2 Curriculum

Healthy Snacks for Me
Developed by: Shelley Barthel

  • Health Education – USC2.2 (Perspective: Discovering Connections Between Self and Wellness)
  • Social Studies – RW2.1

Show or project images of food sculptures, such as those in Food Play, Fast Food, and Play With Your Food by Joost Elffers and Saxton Freymann. Begin a discussion by asking students; “What are some reasons we eat food?” (e.g., to have energy, to help our bodies grow, to celebrate, because it tastes good) and “Why would we want to eat healthy foods?” (e.g., more energy, able to concentrate, grow tall and strong, healthy teeth, feel good). Ask students to identify what they think they know about the characteristics of healthy snacks and record the ideas shared. Then ask, “What do we wonder about the characteristics of healthy snacks” and co-construct a plan to learn more about areas of interest. Consider where healthy snacks are available at school and in the community, if “healthy” snacks are healthy for everyone, and what can be done when “healthy” snacks are not available. Students can represent (e.g., write a story, create a picture, use multimedia tools) snacks that are healthy for them and how healthy snacking influences health.

Assessment Criteria:

  • I can use respectful language to talk about snacking
  • I can identify characteristics of snacks that are healthy for me
  • I can identify where healthy snacks are available in the local community
  • I can explain why healthy snacks are important for me