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Grade 5 – Resources by Grade Level

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Posted on Jul 3, 2014 in Grade Level

Grade 5 Curriculum

Ingredients Revisited
Developed by: Shelley Barthel

  • Health Education – USC5.1 (Perspective: Facing Obstacles and Embracing Opportunities to Holistic Well-being)
  • Science – HB5.1

Read the list of ingredients on a variety of foods and beverages you consume that are available at school, in the community, and at home. What ingredients are familiar to you and which are not? Investigate the origins and impact of ingredients and/or food additives (e.g., soy lecithin, phosphoric acid, nitrates, BHA, sulfites). What is the impact of these ingredients on humans? What is their impact on health and well-being? Have these ingredients always been used in food preparation? What foods are available without harmful ingredients and additives? Are these foods accessible for everyone in our community, province, and country? What barriers exist for people to make “healthier” choices related to the foods they eat? As a class, students can collaborate to create a “summary of learning” display (e.g., bulletin board, Prezi), which could be used to inform decision-making and action planning related to healthy eating. Refer to resources for other parts of the Inquiry for Healthy Decision Making model (Goal #2 and Goal #3 outcomes).

Assessment Criteria:

  • I can examine how eating practices have changed
  • I can compare the health benefits of consuming processed vs. non-processed foods
  • I can identify barriers to healthy eating
  • I can assess how healthy eating contributes to maintaining a healthy human body