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Illness, Disease, and Infections (including HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C)

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Posted on Jul 21, 2014 in Resources By Concept, Wonder & Question Investigate & Interpret

Overview of Concept

In K-9 Health Education and Wellness 10, students have opportunities to consider how health is affected by illness and disease, analyze the influence of traditional healing and current Western medical advances in the prevention/management of health challenges, examine how infectious diseases challenge holistic well-being and influence identities, investigate how non-curable infections are transmitted, and consider the stigma for those living with and affected by non-curable disease/infections. Learning opportunities inform decision-making and action related to illness, disease, and infections. At different grade levels, many interdisciplinary connections can be made, for example, to Science (Life Science), English Language Arts (Comprehend and Respond), and Arts Education (Creative/Productive).