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In the News – October 2014

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Posted on Oct 31, 2014 in In the News

Teen’s close call with drug ‘Molly’ prompts warning to other young people, by Amy Judd

(Global News, October 6, 2014, article and video)

Curricular connections:

  • Health Education – USC6.7 (health promotions), USC7.1 (commit to personal standards), USC7.6 (interpersonal skills), DM7.8 (health decisions), USC8.1 (strategies of support), USC9.1 (leadership and health promotion), USC9.6 (addictions), DM9.10 (healthy decisions)
  • Wellness 10 – W6 (safety), W9 (challenges to community well-being)
  • Science – MS7.3 (mixtures and solutions), CS8.4 (cells, tissues, organs, and systems)

Students Lead Orange Shirt Day Movement in Regina,by Raquel Fletcher

(Global News, October 1, 2014, article and video)

(Scott Collegiate, residential school survivors)

Curricular connections:

  • Health Education – USC 5.5 (violence), USC 8.2 (family roles and responsibilities), USC 8.4 (violence and abuse)
  • Wellness 10 – W9 (challenges to community well-being)
  • Social Studies – PA 5.3 (treaty relationship in Canada), PA 6.2 (power and privilege), DR 8.2 (power and authority)