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Kindergarten – Resources by Grade Level

Posted on May 26, 2015 in Grade Level, Kindergarten, Resources, Wonder & Question Investigate & Interpret

Washing Up

Developed by: Shelley Barthel and Claire Castle

  • Health Education – USCK.3 (Perspective: Wondering About Health)
  • English Language Arts – CRK.1 (Comprehend and Respond)
  • Arts Education – CPK.1 (Creative/Productive)

Guiding question: How does taking care of me help others?

Gather in an area of the classroom. Ask students “Why do we wash our hands?” Lead them to an understanding that there are always germs around us and on us. Some germs help us and a few can make us sick. Washing hands helps to get rid of the germs that can make us sick. Then ask “How does washing your hands help others?”

Show a video about washing hands (e.g., The Hand Wash Song by Krazy Kuzins, or in French Je me lave les mains par Monde des petits). Explain there are three mistakes in the video (didn’t wet hands before scrubbing with soap, only scrubbed front and back of hands, didn’t rinse before drying). Challenge students to find them. Watch the video again several times, prompting students as needed to help them identify the mistakes. Make use of the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region poster, or hand washing posters available at your school to further support student learning.

Post the words from the hand washing section of the song as they appear in the video;

  1. Get the warm water running
  2. Grab the soap and start scrubbing
  3. Say the alphabet it’s kinda fun
  4. Dry ‘em and now you are done!

Ask, “How can we change the song to show the best way to wash our hands?” Accept student ideas, then practice to learn and sing the song. Be sure to add actions! For example, a line to remember to get hands wet before scrubbing with soap could be

  1. Get the warm water running
  2. Get them wet before scrubbing
  3. Grab some soap now don’t forget
  4. And say the alphabet

Observe how students are able to sing the song, and include all steps to proper hand washing. Ask “How will our song change the way you wash your hands every day?”

Then ask, “How well do we wash our hands at school every day?” For example, do students have opportunities to wash hands properly with soap and water before snack time? Identify obstacles such as limited time, distance to facilities, need to assist students in reaching taps and towels, then explore solutions with students and implement changes.

Assessment Criteria:

  • I can explain how to wash hands
  • I can talk about my own experiences with hand washing
  • I can move to the beat of the song