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Provincial Curricula and Ministry of Education Resources

Links to the provincial Curriculum Online website and other resources to support health education available through the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education.

Curriculum Online

On the Curriculum Online website, provincial curricula, including Health Education, are organized by grade level or subject area and are available in a variety of formats. Both English language and French language curricula and resources are available.

Titles and/or links to a variety of print, video, and online resources to support teaching and learning in health education are available specific to grade level and outcome. The resource links are updated on an ongoing basis. Core and Additional resources, identified by the Ministry of Education, are highlighted in each grade level list.

Renewed Curricula: Understanding Outcomes

The purpose of the Renewed Curricula document [PDF] is to assist school division central office personnel, administrators, educators, and communities in coming to a deeper understanding of the renewed Saskatchewan curricula, including students.


R.O.V.E.R. (Recommended Online Video Education Resources) is a video streaming site for Saskatchewan teachers and students in the pre-K to grade 12 education system. Teachers and students can access over 600 videos to enhance learning in schools or school division offices.

Summarized Outcomes Across Areas of Study

These charts summarize the grade level outcomes for all subject areas to facilitate interdisciplinary planning and broader connections to learning.

Comprehensive School Community Health (CSCH)

CSCH is an internationally recognized and integrated approach to address and promote health in school communities. The Ministry of Education in partnership with other Ministries has produced resources to support the adoption of a CSCH approach, which includes high quality teaching and learning. For more information, visit the CSCH section of this website.


Deepening the Discussion

A Saskatchewan based document exploring gender identity and sexual diversity.