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Resources for Planning

Sample Long Range Plans

Teaching and Learning the Grade Perspective Charts

Included in the curriculum document for each of grades 6-9 Health Education, the Teaching and Learning the Grade Perspective section offer ‘themes’, or ‘big ideas’ around which a year plan may be developed:

North East School Division – Curriculum Corner website

Unpacked outcomes, essential questions, learning and assessment plans, and resources for renewed health education and Wellness 10 outcomes, aligned with the Understanding By Design (Wiggins & McTighe) approach.

Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation – Bibliographies

STF bibliographies provide a list of subject and grade specific resources to help teachers find materials to enhance professional development.

Sun West School Division – Supporting Health Education wiki

Lesson packages related to renewed health education outcomes for grades 1-5, classroom ideas and ‘I can’ statements for the renewed health education outcomes for grades 6-9, and links to other provincial resources.

Summarized Outcomes Across Areas of Study

Posters created by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education facilitate connections for interdisciplinary learning and planning around broad inquiry questions.

Jennifer Foley – Live it Up… For Life

Professional teaching and learning resources to support Wellness 10 and physical education in Saskatchewan schools.