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Overview of Concept

In K-9 Health Education and Wellness 10, students have opportunities to develop a healthy sense of self, consider strategies for nurturing healthy relationships and resolving/managing conflict, explore the physical, social, spiritual, and emotional changes of puberty, consider the impact of violence and cycles of abuse, and analyze the social, cultural, and environmental influences and supports for sexual health. Learning opportunities inform decision-making and action to enhance and promote sexual health for self and others. At different grade levels, many interdisciplinary connections can be made, for example, to Science (Life Science), and English Language Arts (Compose and Create).




In addition to the Core and Additional Resources recommended by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, the following resources may support teaching and learning related to sexual health.

The Prevention Institute

The Prevention Institute has a variety of resources focused on teaching sexual health to adolescents. Resources are available for Community of Practice members to borrow for one month, free of charge (shipping costs will be billed). For a more detailed description of the following titles, please view the attached document, Adolescent Sexual Health Education Resources. If you are interested in accessing any of the resources, please contact Jackie Eaton at

Steps to Physical Intimacy

Link to a sample learning experience with resources for:

Grade 9: Health Education – USC9.4 (Perspective: Promote Health), English Language Arts – CC9.1b, CC9.4b
Developed by: Su Nottingham, adapted with permission by Shelley Barthel
To access more resources developed by Su Nottingham, visit