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Wellness 10 – Resources by Grade Level

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Posted on Jul 3, 2014 in Grade Level

Wellness 10 Curriculum

Wellness 10: PowerPoint developed by Wellness 10 Pilot Teachers, 2011 (PDF)


The Future of Food
Developed by: Shelley Barthel

  • Wellness 10 – W1, W11
  • Science 10 – SE1

Explore the following question: What if there was a product on the market that could replace a day’s supply of nutritious food with a single, affordable pill (Anderson, 2000)? Co-construct a plan to investigate questions that arise from the discussion [e.g., reasons why people eat, impact on agriculture, loss of jobs in the food industry, concern about chemical/synthetic sources of food, reduced social interaction around food (e.g., celebrations, family meals), reduction/elimination of world hunger], and take action to address one’s well-being. Actions can include refining a Personal Plan for Wellness, advocating for healthy food choices at school and in the community, and raising awareness about food insecurity.

Assessment Criteria:

  • Predict and justify what healthy eating might mean in the future
  • Employ appropriate and increasingly sophisticated strategies (including technology) to gather, interpret, and evaluate wellness information
  • Examine what is known about sustainable eating practices and determine possible changes to personal eating practices
  • Analyze the impact of food security on one’s ability to make decisions about food practices
  • Make informed decisions regarding personal healthy eating practices
  • Demonstrate how society’s needs and functions, as well as the global economy, affect one’s community
  • Evaluate/refine/implement a personal plan for wellness

Reference: Anderson, A. (2000). Teaching health for understanding. Avante 6(2) pp. 105-114.